Unprecedented Versatility

Simplify insertion and fixation in the widest range of pathologies.

Versatility Simplified

Novapproach Spine OneLIF implant technical


Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Trusted lower lumbar reconstruction for ideal sagittal alignment

Novapproach Supine ATP

Supine Anterior-to-Psoas Approach

Multi-level, single-position anterior reconstruction in the supine position

Lateral ATP

Lateral Anterior-to-Psoas Approach

Allows cage placement for laterally-positioned patients through the oblique corridor.

Novapproach Spine OneLIF implants on spine with inserters

The Path of Least Resistance

Navigate complex structures confidently during cage placement with two inserter attachments and angled instruments.

Flexible Fixation

With up to six fixation screw options, the patented Multi-Fix™ design offers the flexibility to address varying patient anatomy.

Novapproach Spine ALIF OneLIF on Spine
Novapproach Spine OneLIF Implants with Screws

Work This Angle

Simplify screw placement with corridor-matched fixation screw trajectories for both anterior and oblique approaches

Know You’re There

Confidently seat fixation screws with firm endpoint detection

Novapproach 4.75mm Bone Screw