"The OneLIF device permits an approach to the interbody space that is responsive to vascular and neural structures and facilitates the safest pathway for interbody reconstruction."

Leading Academic Spine Surgeon

“The device will provide flexibility in the operating room and allow the ability to treat many variables that present themselves during surgery on the spine. It helps surgeons manage upper spine segments and adjacent segment disease, as well as dealing with hostile abdomens and severe vascular disease.”

Leading Spinal Access Surgeon – Southern California

“(It) speaks for itself… a stand-alone interbody cage that allows secure fixation in a variety of approach corridors or challenging vasculature.”

Highly Experienced Spinal Access Surgeon – Northeastern US


We collaborate with spine and spinal access surgeons to develop approaches and implants designed to make spine surgery easier, safer and quicker for better patient outcomes and satisfaction.


Revolutionizing single-position anterior lumbar spine surgery with a new approach.


Corresponding patented implants represents a new standard in lumbar implant versatility.


Leveraging the expertise of leading spine surgeons and spinal access surgeons is yielding innovative technology destined to change the standard of care.

Our Technology

Changing Anterior Lumbar Spine Surgery for the Better

We’re developing approaches and implants designed to make spine surgery easier, safer and more efficient for better patient outcomes and satisfaction. Uniquely offering direct anterior access to the lower lumbar levels in a single-position anterior surgery, the SupineATP™ technique is ideal for restoration of spinal alignment in multilevel lumbar interbody fusion cases including L5/S1. The OneLIF™ Interbody Fusion System* complements the SupineATP™ technique in even the most challenging cases.

Corporate Information

About NovApproach Spine, LLC

Led by spine industry veterans, we are:

A new entity poised to enter the $1.4B lumbar spinal fusion marketplace.

Guided by some of the most influential spine and spinal access surgeons in the U.S. and internationally.

Prepared for clinical evaluation of both the new approach and implant designs at prominent spine surgical institutions throughout the country.

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